Additional wettex product programme, textile covers of the uni-cover series:

  • Dampener roller cover uni-cover 648 for dampener rollers in sheet metal printing machines, e.g. Mail√§nder, Crabtree and all refitted offset printing machines to operate as sheet metal printing machines.
  • Roller cover uni-cover 603. After printing on sheet metals the relevant shapes are stamped. Prior to the stamping operation such sheet metall is made to pass a sheet metal greasing machines, e.g. such makes like NAROSKA, BMV and others. One of the rollers through which the sheet metal is made to pass is covered with a uni-cover 603.
  • Dampener roller cover AQUA MOL and RED MOL-S for dampener rollers for offset proof printing.
  • Roller cover uni-cover 759 will be used for lithographic- and sign-printing.
  • uni-cover 702 and 667 roller covers for copper etching, resistant to ferric-III-chloride.
  • Roller covers uni-cover 649 and 763 are those covers which are used in rubber blanket washing appliances for offset printing presses.

uni-cover roller covers can be supplied in original rolls of 20 metres or as pre-fabricated items.