Company Profile wettex GmbH, Germany

The wettex company as a manufacturer of textile hoses operates since 1993 and is a continuation of the previous company van Loyen, formerly residing at Brüggen/Germany, and this company used to manufacture textile hoses for the printing industry mainly since 25 years. wettex GmbH is situated in the German Federal District of North-Rhine-Westphalia, near Dortmund.

The present managing director of wettex GmbH is Mr. Reiner W e b e r who is engaged and active in this trade for more than thirty years.

On more than 40 knitting machines textile hoses are produced for diameters between 15 and 400 mm (5/8"-18") or figured as circumference dimension 50 - 1300 mm. A team of 15 people dedicates their activities to the manufacture and to the export to 31 different countries.

The product programme in the printing industry comprises the manufacture of dampener roller covers for offset presses as well as covers for inking rollers for gravure printing machines of diameters between 20 and 170 mm (3/4" - 7"). The different qualities are made of cotton, elastic or non-elastic as well as of synthetic yarns, shrinking.

wettex Standard Quality uni-cover 624 are used as first equipment in Frankenthal and Cerutti gravure printing presses and are, thus, used all over the world. In this way and manner we are able to underline and stress upon our experience in the manufacture of roller covers for gravure printing presses.

All cover types are manufactured as terry-like or plush-like versions. The production of flat-woven thin fountain roller covers for offset printing presses, elastic or shrinkable, round up the production range of all kinds of covers required in the printing industry.

The wettex company disposes of technical data on roller covers for more than 400 types and models of printing presses and, thus, this company is a competent partner for the correct and approriate delivery for the different sizes and types of roller covers for offset and gravure printing presses.

This rather large specific knowledge placed at the disposal of the trade and dealers and the good quality of the roller covers manufactured, the wettex company will be your dependable partner.

wettex textile hoses are used for many other purposes and fields of application. Please ask for special documentation.